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Our  Philosophy 

The year 2021 is numerologically related to The Hierophant Tarot card. This card asks us each to step into our own authority. Seasonal Steep offers space for you to learn by experiencing each herb and the connection to Planetary and Tarot archetypes. We hope that this subscription will be an access point for building your intuition,  connecting to the planet, and embodiment. 

Meet Our Team 

Meet our founder


Hannah Crawford has been reading Tarot and studying astrology for over a decade. She received a BFA in Fiber Art from Evergreen State College and studied at the Soul Tarot School under Lindsay Mack. Art is a constant influence in her tarot, astrology, and creative practice. The Founder of Ritual Practice and now evolving into  Seasonal Steep. Hannah pulls inspiration from her daily practice, the cards, and her clients honoring the healing space between the individual and the universal void.

Meet our resident Nutitionist/ Herbalist 


Carly Wertheim, MS is a holistic health practitioner who combines nutrition, herbal medicine, and daily ritual to help people bring their bodies into balance. She has a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Columbia University and is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef Training Program. Carly’s unique and personal approach to health integrates evidence-based nutrition science with time-honored kitchen wisdom. Her practice is rooted in deep gratitude and respect for the natural world and the body’s innate ability to heal. She is the founder of Carly’s Wellness Kitchen, which offers nutrition counseling and hands-on culinary training in the Bay Area, and of Shruti Sounds, a music company connecting individuals to their empowered voice through an Indian instrument called the shruti box.